Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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Imagine you are helping an old blind woman to sort out her pictures. As you pick out a picture of 2 people walking at night under streetlights, she begins to tell you a story. What story does she tell about the 2 people in the picture? What does the old woman look like? What kind of house are you in? What does the house look like? What is around you? What can you see, feel, smell, hear? How do you describe the painting to the woman (remember, she is blind).

Remember to use interesting describing and doing words. ‘Show, not tell’.

Use this space to plan what you will write
Beginning:  nana  brick house cracked  

Middle:  pretty     old artist     pitcher room

End: story about her daughter and son  

Then start your writing here: at my nana’s house the place is cracked old and next to a river
she is pretty a good artist then we went to her art room she talked about one pitcher it was her son and daughter got  married

Sunday, 3 May 2015

my blog is about art because art is my favorite thing  to me its fun I like to paint wolfs